Notes for Myself
Aug 26, 2019
Xing Lin
1 minute read
  1. When substantial changes have been made to a software, review the changes once before running the code. In most cases, you will be able to identify simple bugs/errors/typos in your code by just reviewing your code once. Jump directly to run and debug your code will probably take you more time to fix the program.

  2. Learn one piece at a time.
    When learning a new thing, it could come with many new concepts, making it harder to understand all at once. In such cases, try to understand one concept well, then move on to the next one. This reduces what needs to be understood at one time and makes it easier to learn. 分解敌军,各个击破。

  3. Indecision is a decision to not reach your potential!
    Make decisions for yourself! Don't let time fly quickly! Be responsible for your own life and own it. Do what you would like to do.

  4. 磨刀不误砍柴工。欲速则不达。

  5. What to learn is different from what could be published. What to learn covers a much broader scope, including these that have been published before. One should continue to learn/try something, even if it does not necessarily lead to potential publications. Without learning what are there already, it is hard to know the state-of-the-art and may re-invent the wheel.