Hit the Road iOS App
Aug 23, 2020
Xing Lin
1 minute read

Hit the Road is an iOS app for tracking ourdoor exercises. It can track walking, running, and biking. It is supposed to run on iPhones, but not iPads or iWatchs.

User Privacy

The app only stores the duration and mileage for each activity locally in the installed device. The app does not store the GPS locations. It only uses GPS locations during an activity to get the mileage. The app does not send any data over the network.


For bug reports and feature requests, please send emails to linxingnku@gmail.com, with a topic starting with “Hit the Road:".

Why is this app not free?

To distribute this app on App store, I have to subscribe the Apple developer membership, which Apple is charging $99/year + $8.91 as tax ($107.91 in total). I am hoping to recover that yearly cost. Please note that for every payment, Apple gets 30% as the commission fee. In addition, 24% is withheld as tax. To recover the yearly Apple developer membership fee, we need a little more than 200 new installations each year.

The app is set as free for 2020 and starting from 2021, it will be charged at $0.99 per installation. We may extend the free period further.