Great Books and Papers
Dec 25, 2015
Xing Lin
1 minute read


  1. HOW NOT TO BE WRONG, Jordan Ellenberg, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

  2. THINKING, FAST AND SLOW, Daniel Kahneman, Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Princeton University

  3. China's Economy, Arthur R. Kroeber


There are some papers that are so well written that I really enjoyed reading them. Here is a list of them.

  1. Optimizing Space Amplification in RocksDB

    This paper provides a great introduction on LSM-tree, how RocksDB is used as the storage engine for MySQL and some statistics of three LSM-tree based systems used in production in Facebook.

  2. BlueCache: A Scalable Distributed Flash-based Key-value Store

    The system design is very clear from the paper. Learned a lot about its index and data store part.

  3. What's Really New with NewSQL?

    Provides a historial view of how we enter into NewSQL and did an excellent survey of state-of-art NewSQL Databases

  4. NV-Tree: Reducing Consistency Cost for NVM-based Single Level Systems

    Excellent analysis of overhead in keeping B+ tree consistent, followed by a clear presentation of the proposed solution.

  5. The Multi-Queue Replacement Algorithm for Second Level Buffer Caches

    Excellent analysis of re-use distance in second-level cache, to motivate their cache design

  6. CAFTL: A Content-Aware Flash Translation Layer Enhancing the Lifespan of Flash Memory based Solid State Drives